About Us: PMC Group

About Us: PVC Vinyl Additives

PMC Group is an innovation-driven, growth-oriented performance chemicals manufacturing company with a global presence in PVC vinyl additives. The company’s vinyl additive production facilities are located in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), Carrollton, Kentucky (USA), and Lansdale, Pennsylvania (USA) with additional sites in Vlissingen, Netherlands (EUROPE), and Beijing, China (ASIA). Its international corporate headquarters is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey (USA).

With its Vinyl Additives platform, the company leverages a vast knowledge base from a cross-functional team of professionals with exceptional operational and technical experience, and an industry-leading portfolio of additives for rigid PVC processing.

PMC Group’s manufacturing, research, technical service, sales and marketing organization for Vinyl Additives is fueled by continuous innovation and a dedication to unassailable quality and safety.

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